Teaching English

The book is designed to appeal to teachers wishing to diversify and experiment. Although this book is specifically for English, it may also inspire teachers of other languages. A lot of activities described here are intended to involve pupils emotionally, to appeal to their imagination and inventiveness as way of getting through to their intellect. The book is packed with many sorts of activities as examples of what we need to invent, each aimed at mastering some little aspect of the idiosyncrasy of the foreign language.


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Auflagennummer: 2nd edition
Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Autor: Alec Templeton
ISBN: 978-9-630621-21-2
Bestell-Nr.: 1520
Untertitel: with Techniques and Materials for Grades 4-9
Titel 2: A Guide for Language Teachers
Titel: Teaching English to Teens and Preteens
Umfang: 217


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