Where love is, there God is also

Adapted for class 3 by Annemarie Garben

Chorus:          Martin, the shoemaker had a lot do

                     All day long he mended shoes

Shoemaker:    I see them through my window going by

                     for I cannot see the sky

Chorus:          But as he grew older

                     Life weighed hard on his shoulder

                     and he got all sad.

Shoemaker:    My work is good but my wife is dead.

Chorus:          He earned his living by stitching shoes

                     The work did no longer pleased him he got the blues.

                     I the wise woman hear of your despair

                     I want to help you with the lord's prayer.

Shoemaker:    I don't want to live anymore.

Wise Woman:  He told me as I came through the door.

                     Please don't say that

                     and I sit down on the bed.

                     "You do not talk right.

                      The world not moves by your skill

                      but by God's will.

                      You might not see the light

                      But still it is not right!

                      Here have a good look

                      And I give him the holy book.

Chorus:          From then on every night

                      He put on the light

                      And In the bible he read

                      after eating his bread.

Shoemaker:    Tell me, tell me true

                      am I God's helper, too?

Chorus:           He read more and more

                      But he was not sure

Shoemaker:    Tell me tell me true

                      am I God's helper, too?

Chorus:          Taking of his glasses and lost in thought

                      He wondered what life had him taught.

                      His head sank down

                      Was it sleep when he heard that sound?

Girls (whisper): Martin, it rang in his ears

Chorus:           He looked up but there's no one there.

                      He fell in a doze.

                      There it was again

Girls:               Martin, look out

                      tomorrow I'll be about.

Chorus:           So Martin went to bed

                      And he was no longer sad.


Song:             Twinkle, Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are...


Chorus:          Next morning he started with a prayer

                     And clean his room with great care.

                     He lit the stove to make it all cosy

                     put on a cabbage soup and a good pot of tea

                     to be ready for thee.

                     Was it a dream or was it not

                     he heard a some sort of blot

Shoemaker:   Pshaw I'm getting crazy and old

Chorus:          He looked and looked again

                     It was Stefan he released then

                     Stefan the Russian man

                     Shoveling the snow

                     In front of Martin's window.


Welcoming and serving and talking to Stephan in Russian


Chorus:          People wandered passing by

                     There was a woman she looked so shy

                     My baby is crying because of the cold

                     So Martin called her:

Shoemaker:    Please take a hold.

Young mother: He rocks the baby

                      While I eat the food

                      He gives me a warm coat

                      and makes me feel better

                      in the cold winter weather.

                      Good Bye!!

Chorus:           As she left she had tears in her eyes.

                      She made the sign of the cross, too.

                      She had no longer the blues.

                      He washed the plates

                      when he heard a screaming at the gate

A boy:             Aaahhh

Chorus:           Martin jumped to the door

                      His glasses felt on the floor

                      A boy was screaming

Chorus:           Aaaaaaaaahhh

                      A woman was pulling

Boy:                I did not take it

Old woman:     You ‘re licking me.

Shoemaker:     Let him go, for Christ sake, let him go

Old woman:      No, no, no you spoil him

                       I'll take him to the police

Shoemaker:      Let him go, I'll pay for him

                       And you ask for forgiveness.

Old woman:     You ruin him.

Shoemaker:     We shall not judge God commands to forgive

Chorus:            There was no sound

                       they looked to the ground

                       Boy Suddenly I pick up her bag

                       to carry it home for her

Chorus:            Martin watched them talk

                       in their moonlight walk.

                       He went inside

                       to sit by the candle light

                       When he heard:

Girls:                Did you recognize me?

Shoemaker:     Who?

Stefan:             Me

Young mother:  and me

Old woman, boy: And also me

Two girls read:   And he read "For I was hungered, and ye fed me, I

                        was thirsty and ye gave me drink, I was a stranger

                        and Ye took me in"...In as much as ye have done it

                        unto my brothers, ye have done to me"