Captain Cook - The Great Explorer

This book describes the life and discoveries of James Cook, one of the greatest sailors, explorers and navigators who ever lived. In just ten years, Cook largely completed the picture of the globe begun in the age of Columbus. His work made great contributions to many fields of knowledge besides geography. - The book contains colour illustrations, maps and colour photographs of the replica of Cook's first ship, the Endeavour, recently constructed in Australia following the original plans. There is also a vocabulary (thematic, page-by-page and antonyms) and there are 100 exercises, all based firmly on the text, offering a selection of 700 questions and tasks on grammar, vocabulary, syntax, text-work, question-forming, comprehension and retelling, from which teachers who wish can select according to the needs of their class. This additional material is rounded off by three sea songs and a list of irregular verbs. - For Classes 7(8).

96 pp.


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