A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A  new edition of the much-loved story which Rudolf Steiner recommended for the Upper Middle School. It offers material suitable for both this age-level and later. In A Christmas Carol Dickens wove his concern for the poor and unfortunate together with visits of four ghosts to teil the story of a hard man's inner transformation. This classic tale is both a cry for social justice and a moving parable of human development. - Several episodes not included in the previous editions have been added, the vocabulary section has been completely revised: The thematic groups have been checked and extended, while a new and greatly extended page-by-page vocabulary replaces the alphabetical list of the earlier editions. A wide range of comprehension questions and exercises, graded in difficulty for use in mixed-ability classes, completes the main work-section. Christmas recipes, a dance and a list of internet resources for further study have all been included. Colour portraits of the author icomplement John Leech's original illustrations (1843), also in colour.

For Class 8 (9).

96 pp.

5,00 EUR

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