George and the Dragon

contributed by Petra Eimermachen (FWS Münster)

adapted from Chris Wormell's George and the Dragon, simplified and set in verse form for Class 3. It can be nicely put on stage, is amusing and the boys kann fight.

In the very high mountains
there is a mighty dragon
- fiery, orange and red -
jagged his back,
sharp claws to attack.

But – pssst - he is afraid of mice!

His wings are wide,
fast and far he can ride,
and he can fight! O dear!

But – pssst - he is afraid of mice!

He brushes away armies of kings
with his enormous wings.

But – pssst - he is afraid of mice!

Now there is George, a little brown mouse.
He lives next to the dragon’s house.
His cave is cold and dark.
His life is hard.

No apple, no nut, no sugar for tea!
Let’ see, who is next to me!

O, o, little mouse!
There is a dragon next to your house!
And  - and George runs hop, hop, hop,

to a big stone top:
“Hello, my friend next door.
Please, help. I have sugar no more!”

But ….. the dragon is afraid of mice!

The mighty dragon, a princess in his hands,
only ‘mouse’ understands!
Next to his house – a mouse!

"AAAAAAAAAA!" he cries,
the princess he drops,
high, high, high he hops!
And away he flies.

"Hello, mousie, you,”,
the little princess calls, dressed in blue.
“You set me free,
Let’s have sugar and tea.”

Little George is happy,
and after all
his new house you see
in the castle’s wall.


(Hold up this sign!)

And the dragon?
He never came back
to this very house.

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