A Bag Full of Dogs

contributed by Petra Eimermacher (FWS Münster)

A little scenic play for Class 3, adapted from A Bag Full of Pups by Dick Gackenbach  (Picture Puffins)

Mr Mullin`s dog has got twelve baby dogs.
“I must find a home for the twelve little dogs”, says Mr Mullin.

In the morning he is going to town with a bag full of dogs.
“Little doggies!” Mr Mullin is shouting.
“Free doggies! twelve little doggies! Come here and look at the little doggies! – Little doggies!”

“I want a little dog”, says a farmer.
“The dog can help me with the cows.”

“I want two little doggies”, says a man from the circus.
“The dogs will learn to do tricks.”

“I want a doggy”, says a blind man.
“He can learn to show me the way.”

“I want a little dog”, says a fine lady.
“I have a fine hat and little boots for my doggy.”

“I want a dog”, says a fireman.
“He can ride in the fire-engine with me.”

“I want a dog”, says a policeman.
“He can help me to catch bad gangsters”

“I want a little dog”, says a lady with bad ears.
“He can tell me when the bell is ringing.”

“I want a dog”, says a grocer.
“My dog will catch all the mice and rats in my shop.”

“I want a dog”, says a dog trainer.
“I will train the dog and win a prize.”

“I want a dog”, says a hunter.
“He will go hunting with me.”

At the end of the day, there is only one little doggy with Mr Mullin.
“Oh, little doggy, nobody wants you,” says Mr Miller.

There is a little boy on a skateboard coming.
“I want a little doggy”, says the boy.
“I want to play and run and jump and swim with my little dog. I want a friend.”
“Oh, little doggy, you are a happy doggy”, says Mr Mullin.

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