The Lamb Who Came for Dinner

contributed by Petra Eimermacher (FWS Münster)

A Story for Class 2 or 3 adapted from  The Lamb Who Came For Dinner by Steve Smallman and Joelle Dreidemy. (Little Tiger Press, London)


The Lamb Who Came for Dinner

The old wolf is hungry.
"Vegetable soup on Monday, vegetable soup on Tuesday, vegetable soup on Wednesday .... I want a steak! I want a sausage! I want a lamb! I want a rabbit for dinner!"

Knock, knock!
It is a little lamb.
"Can I come in?"
"Oh yes, come in. You are just in time for dinner." The wolf licks his lips.

The little lamb is shivering with cold. Brrrrrr Brrrrrrr
"GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! I cannot eat a frozen lamb!"
The wolf puts the little lamb in front of the fire-place to warm her up.

"I'll cook the little lamb later," says the wolf. He is so hungry and the little lamb is hungry, too. Her tummy rumbles. Rumble, rumble!
"GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! I cannot eat a lamb with a rumbling tummy!"
And he gives the lamb a carrot. The lamb quickly eats the carrot and gets hiccups. Hic, hic, hiccup!
"GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! I cannot eat a lamb with hiccups!"
He shakes the little lamb, hic, hic, hiccup!
He throws her into the air, hic, hic, hiccup!
He twirls her round, hic, hic, hiccup!
Now he puts her on his shoulder and pats her with his paw.
The little lamb stops hiccuping and sleeps in his arms. Snore, snore, snore!
"GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! I cannot eat a lamb that is snoring!"

The wolf sits down at the fire-place. The lamb lies warm at his breast.
The little lamb smells delicious.
The little lamb awakes and gives the wolf a kiss. Smack!
"Oh noooooo!" howls the wolf. "I'm a big bad wolf!"
The little lamb smiles and says,"Woof!"
"Oh nooooo! You better go away. Or I'll eat you up!"
The wolf gives the little lamb a warm pullover.
"Now go away, little lamb!" And the wolf shuts the door. Bang!

Outside it is dark and cold.The little lamb knocks on the door.
"Woof? Can I come in? Woof?"
The old wolf sticks his fingers in his ears and sings very loudly ‘La, La, La ...!'
Then everything is still.
"Ah, the little lamb is gone!........... But it is dark, it is cold!
The lamb might get frozen! The lamb might get lost! The lamb might get eaten! Oh dear!"

The wolf runs out into the dark wood.
He cries, "Little lamb, little lamb, come back!"
But there is no answer. No answer.
Sadly the wolf goes home.
He opens the door.
There by the fire-side there is the little lamb.
The little lamb says, "Woof! You will not eat me? Woof?"
"GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME! I cannot eat a lamb that needs me!"
The little lamb throws herself into the wolf's arms. And the wolf loves his little lamb.
‘Are you feeling hungry, little lamb? Let's have vegetable soup. It's my favourite soup!"