A little mouse (Video)

Ein Beitrag von Annette Geray (Freie Waldorfschule Freiburg St. Georgen)

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A little mouse

A little mouse went to a house
to find some cheese for tea
He made a hole
And through he stole.
But oh! What did he see?
A cheese upon the table sat,
Beside it purred a pussy cat
As pleasaret as could be.
The little mouse made haste to go.
He said: „With pussy sitting so
There is no space for me!“

The little mouse went next to find
A tiny piece of bacon rind,
to carry home for tea.
A dog beside the table sat,
He was so very large and fat.
The mouse made haste to flee.
The little mouse, began to grouse,
It’s very plain to see: No bacon rind,
No cheese I find, there is just dry bread for me.