Little House in the Big Woods

This new edition of the classic American Little House ... series offers a shortened (but otherwise unaltered) selection of the original text - the true and exciting story of a family living in the Wisconsin woods in the 1860s. It vividly captures the best of the American pioneer spirit. - The text selection is the same as in the previous edition, but the new version also contains a very extensive vocabulary (both thematic and page-by-page), with English examples/definitions and German equivalents throughout) as well as a huge selection of over a 1000 questions and exercises by Peter Morris, all firmly text-based, from which teachers can choose according to the needs of their class. The material ranges from simple comprehension and content questions, to tense-changing, word order, sentence-building, vocabulary, question-forming and retellings.

Pioneer recipes and a list of English Irregular Verbs are included, while a Would You Like to Know ... ? section gives some basic historical and literary background to the text, concluding with contact addresses in America and a short list of internet resources for those wishing to do their own research. The classic black-and-white illustrations by Garth Williams complement the text perfectly.

For Classes 6 to 8.

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